About Me (and this Site)

Welcome.  You’ve found my home on the web.  HackRunner is my personal blog where I’ll be jotting down thoughts and recounting activities about the various things in my life.  So if you want to know what you’ll expect to find here, it’ll help to know a little bit about me.

I’m a software developer currently working for a large health care company.  Right now I’m focused on web technologies and how they can improve patient care.  My interest in technology extends well beyond the job though, and I’m constantly trying out new tools and toys.  One of the major areas of focus for this blog will likely be my experiences with the technology I use for work and play.

I’m also a fairly avid recreational runner.  I’m mostly a middle-of-the-packer running anything from 5ks up through marathons.  My running will be another focus of this site, covering anything from race reviews, to training, to general musings on the sports.

I’ve always had a general curiosity for how things work and was one of those kids that just had to take everything apart (most of those things never got back together again).  These days I mostly satisfy that curiosity looking into the various home-brew, do-it-yourself projects that seem to be everywhere on the internet.  When there’s free time, I like to tinker and hack with those type of projects, and that will likely be the third major focus of this site.

Other than that, you can probably expect to see the occasional post on here about general things I find amusing or interesting.  If they’re not as amusing or interesting to you… well… tough.  It’s my site and I’ll keep them up there if I so choose.

Home Network

A large portion of this blog will likely be dedicated to software I use at home, so, for some background, here’s my quick run down of machines I use on my home network.  I’ve been pretty, well, “frugal” might be the word in collecting machines.  Most of the computers are either salvaged or cobbled together from newegg.com.  None of them are anything to write home about, but they all run Linux pretty well, and they get the job done.

Main Server

I have a home-built server running on a Celeron 3.2 ghz processor with 512 MB of RAM running Ubuntu Server.  I use this machine as my main storage area.  It has 2×500 GB hard drives running in a software raid mirror exposed out to the home network via NFS.   I keep all my media and documents on the share, accessible to all the other machines on my home network.  I also run some SVN repositories off the machine and use it for scheduled backups, as well as a local DNS server.

Test Web Server

I have a P4 laptop with a gig of ram kindly donated by my wonderful wife (i.e. it got too slow running Windows, and I conned her out of when she got a new laptop).  I’m also running Ubuntu Server on this machine and use it primarily as a test environment for websites.  This blog itself got its start on that machine while I was figuring out how WordPress worked.


I’ve got another newegg special that used to run MythTV on Fedora.  Now that my cable company has stopped broadcasting most analog stations, the machines mostly defunct.  I’m planning on resurrecting sometime in the future with an HD tuner and possibly switching over to Mythbuntu.

Routers and Network

I’ve had a bunch of friends and family that switched to FIOS (which came with a wireless router) and were left with a mostly useless Linksys wireless router.  I’ve rescued and flashed them with dd-wrt.  I’ve found the wireless bridge functionality to be very useful, allowing me to create wired access points around the house that all sit on the same home network.  At some point, I’ll get some articles up on how I set it up.