Tyler Arboretum 10K Trail Run 3/27/2010

Posted by: TomS on April 9, 2010 @ 8:05 am

A week after my last marathon adventure, my legs had started to return to normal, and I was ready for another run. I had gotten in a bit of relaxed, slow running earlier in the week, so I did not want to push things. For the last bunch of years, I had heard great things about the Tyler Arboretum 10K Trail Run, but I always seemed to have some conflict or another that prevented me from running it. The run, organized by the Delco RRC, is supposed to be a great “moderate” trail run, providing hills of the more rolling variety and wider trails, but still a fair number of obstacles along the way.  I decided I’d give this one a go for my first race back after the marathon.


2010 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon

Posted by: TomS on April 3, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

Last week I took a trip down to Virgina Beach to run the 2010 Shamrock Marathon sponsored by Yuengling.  It was my 8th marathon.  My sister and two of my college friends were also running.  Overall, the event was very well organized, and we had a positive experience other than a few missteps on the way down (US-1 and Delaware Route 1 are different … who knew?).  I would put the race near the top of my list marathon wise because of how well it was run and extra thought the race organizers put into the event.