Creating a Simple WordPress Theme

Posted by: TomS on March 28, 2010 @ 5:39 pm

In my previous post, I got the latest version of WordPress up and running on one of my home test servers. So what was the point of that whole ordeal? To set up a sandbox where I could try out WordPress customizations and features without impacting my live site. Once I had my test WordPress up and running, the first thing I tried out was creating my own custom theme.

In this post, I’ll run through the high level steps I went through to get the basics of this site up and running, including detailed code snippets along the way. I’m assuming the reader has some familiarity with XHTML and CSS, so I won’t dive too deep into the details; there are plenty of tutorials and documentation out on the web for that.

If you’d like to look at my final theme as reference while reading through this post, you can download a snapshot below.



Installing WordPress 2.9.2 on Ubuntu 9.10

Posted by: TomS on March 14, 2010 @ 8:46 pm

I will be posting a series of articles on my experience with getting up and running with WordPress. In this post, I’ll outline the steps I went through to get WordPress up and running on my Ubuntu Web Server, but first a bit of background about why I’d even want to do this.


I’m setting up a blog to document some of my interests and various activities I’m involved in (you may have already guessed that since you’re already reading my blog). I have a hosting provider that allows me to setup and use WordPress fairly easily via a simple cPanel installation. Setup was pretty much a breeze and I was up and running with WordPress 2.9.2 in less than a minute or so.

One of the things I’ve always liked to have though is a sandbox environment. I’ve got a home network that consists of various salvaged and cobbled together machines, most of which run Ubuntu’s server distribution, and one of them is a “web server” set aside just for this type of thing.


Getting Started

Posted by: TomS on March 14, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

I’m up and running with a blog.  I plan on using this site as a place to post my thoughts and musings on things that interest me: mostly technology and running.

Over the next couple weeks or so I’ll be putting up a number of posts on how I got up and running with my own WordPress site and any of the customizations I threw in along the way.

Until then feel free to poke around the site.  There’s not much else, but more content will be coming soon.